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The year: 2015.

The place: Earth.

I’m making plans, big and small. Let’s review:

1. Most importantly, the baby is coming. This was the last Christmas with just the two of us. I don’t want to be one of those people who only talks about his reproductive abilities (see just about every person my age on facebook if you want that), so that’s pretty much all I’ll be saying about it. Let her exist in real life before she exists on the internet.

2. I am going to start keeping a book log. No one will ever read it, but by the end of 2015, I’ll be able to say exactly which books I’ve read and have a tally. Maybe I’ll even review some of them.

3. In 2014, I wrote about 90,000 words of fiction, largely as part of my book-writing endeavors.  That’s an on-going project, but my biggest professional goal this year is to finish my book to the point where I could ask people to read it, and then, of course, try to get in published. After I dot the last j, I have a screenplay that I’m going to finish. Plus I have about a million short stories to write and finish.

4. I sure wouldn’t mind if 2015 was the last year I had to teach. That might technically be part of point three though.

5. I have to improve my German, which is coming along slowly. I’m also going to start learning Italian. Io scrivo i libri. Io mangio i gatti.

Anything else? I have a few other goals, but they’re not safe for public consumption. Nothing too lascivious.

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