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Maybe they don’t show up on infrared at all…

I was going to write a blog post (mostly about Aliens and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln), but I can’t quite seem to get any traction in my brain. So, instead, I’m going to post pretty pretty pictures I’ve been drawing lately.

I started drawing again recently, stealing pictures from the Facebook (or whatever kids are calling it these days). It’s good to give myself a break from writing and let my brain and fingers do something else for a while. It’s not the only means of distraction my brain and fingers engage in, but it’s a fun bite-sized activity. It takes me about an hour to draw each picture.


A woman I met last year. It was the first picture I’d drawn in a long time. 


Someone I used to teach with who is now a lecturer at a community college. I played around with the contrast a little and darkened her shirt. I sent her the picture to ask what she thought, but she didn’t reply.


A girl I dated in high school. We still talk occasionally. She’s a photographer, but she never shows me any pictures.


An old friend and his girlfriend. I’m always impressed by his beard. 

I have all the emo-ness of an artist, but none of the talent. I’ll stick to writing.



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